From Studios to Homes

Paying your accommodation charge

1.   Methods of Payment

It is very important to pay your accommodation charge on time so that you do not go into debt and breach your Licence Agreement with us. Details of payment methods are listed on this page. There are a number of options available to pay your charge:

  • Direct Debit

  • Standing order

  • Cash

  • Lodgements

  • Debit/Visa Card Payment

It is the service user's responsibility to contact Homecare to arrange a payment plan. If you are unsure how much you owe or should be paying, you can contact our office on: 02837511333 option 5 or email
*Contact Homecare for bank account details

2.   Help with your Housing Benefit

If you think you might be entitled to Housing Benefit you will need to apply by filling in a HB 1 Claim form.  A claim form can be obtained from any Housing Executive office or downloaded from their website:

4.   Changes in Circumstances

When you make a claim for Housing Benefit you are required by law to tell the Housing Executive about any changes or circumstances that occur to ensure that the Housing Executive are using up to date information to calculate your Housing Benefit award.  Homecare must also be advised of any change of circumstance as per the Licence Agreement


3.   How do I make a claim for Housing Benefit

If you are having trouble with your housing benefit claim, you can contact one of our housing officers for some assistance and advice. You can forward requests for someone to contact you to:


Picture Message: 07889 167 188

Whatsapp Picture: 07889 167 188

Phone: 02837 511 333 (Option 5)

Housing benefit: 03448 920 902

Citizens Advice NI: 0800 028 1881 (

If the Housing Benefit require information, we can send over the following information on your behalf:

- Payslips

- Childcare Costs

- Bank Statements

- Identification


5.   Income Details

You must tell us if:
     You, your partner or anyone else living with you starts work, ends work of if the number of hours worked changes

     -  You start or stop getting Child Benefit / Child Tax Credit

      There is a change in benefits paid to you, your partner or anyone else living with you

     -  There is a change in the amount of savings or capital you or your partner possesses

     -  There is a change in the amount of childcare costs you pay

6.   Household Details

You must tell us if:

     A partner moves in or out

     -  Any of your children leave school, start work or start to receive benefits

     -  Anyone comes to live with you or anyone leaves (including lodgers or tenants)

     -  You have a student child who normally studies away from home and they return home during the holiday period

     -  Someone living with you stops or starts to receive a benefit, or starts work

     -  You start or stop receiving Carer's Allowance because you care for a disabled person 

     -  A person stops caring or stops claiming Carer's Allowance while caring for you

Other changes which may affect your housing benefit:

1.   If you start or stop paying childcare costs or if the amount of childcare costs you are paying changes

2.   If disability Living Allowance stops, starts or the rate of the award changes for anyone living in your household

3.   If you have received benefit as a student and your course finishes